About us

We are a family business located in South Carolina, United States.

We deal not only with offering high-quality products, but also with providing the necessary training to our clients so that they, in turn, can make their processes more efficient and increase their profits. Our support system includes live and pre-recorded videos on our Facebook group where we constantly upload new support material.

In order to solve all your doubts, we put at your disposal our email colorfiestacreations@gmail.com and our web chat which you can locate at the bottom right corner of this page, during our office hours, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time.

We appreciate your preference, and happy crafting!!!

  • Not yet a member of our Facebook group yet? Send us your request, so you can get all the technical advice you need to start and grow your business, as well as free tips and designs for some of the products that we carry.